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Having a Levi's® product means having true originality in your hands in every way. It means feeling confident that you will be in contact with a brand that truly takes care of its products, people and communities.

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Wrangler®, founded in 1947, is famous for quality, durable jeans. Known in the rodeo world, she represents the American lifestyle, combining tradition and innovation.

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Ostrich Leather

Couros - Strut


Ostrich leather, renowned for its unmatched robustness and distinctive texture, exudes unparalleled... 

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An environmentally friendly company

Strut excels in the production of ostrich leather, adopting a unique and sustainable approach to its tannery. By eliminating the use of metals and prioritizing artisanal methods, the company preserves the exceptional quality of leather while reducing its environmental impact. Each piece is treated with artisanal care, standing out not only for its unparalleled durability and texture, but also for being an inspiring example of how elegance can go hand in hand with environmental responsibility, providing a unique experience for conscious consumers.