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Women's Strut Flatform Boot in Castor Sheepskin

Women's Strut Flatform Boot in Castor Sheepskin




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This boot is ideal for those looking for style and comfort, the front closure makes the model bold to create stylish looks. It has a short shaft, and a closure on the front with protection, so that the zipper does not catch on the foot, these are details that further enhance its beauty and guarantee even more comfort and style for cold days. Made of leather, a soft and silky material that protects the foot and does not hurt the heel.


  • Light and comfortable Evatech Flatform outsole
  • High durability provided by noble and quality materials
  • Very firm and comfortable fit on the foot
  • Zipper closure
  • Leather insole (more moisture absorption and softness on the impact of walking)
  • Weight: 160g each foot.


BRAND: Strut
MATERIAL: Sheep leather
COLOR: Beaver

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