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Levi's® 315 Pl Shaping Boot Jeans

Levi's® 315 Pl Shaping Boot Jeans

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It's all in the name. Our soft, supportive denim sculpts and lifts to celebrate your curves. Plus, they're made with an innovative tummy-reducing panel and a bootleg cut that makes your legs look longer. It's a win-win!
Code: 196450004
Product: Levis 315 PL SHAPING BOOT Jeans
Category: WOMAN
Color/Wash: Dark Blue
Modeling: Bootcut
Waist Height: Intermediate
Closure: Zipper
Collection: Spring/Summer 2022
Feminine gender
Tissue: -
Origin: Imported

Fit and size

● Bootcut


● 80% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 1% Elastane
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