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Chestnut Ostrich Cinnamon Leather

Chestnut Ostrich Cinnamon Leather




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Ostrich Cinnamon Leather

Ostrich skin is one of the most challenging to treat, but it is one of the softest. This skin is abundant in natural oils and fats, preventing the skin from drying out, cracking or becoming tight. No other skin in the world is so complete, as its design is unique.

  • Exotic leather used in luxury items such as boots, shoes, wallets, bags, belts and crafts in general.
  • Approximate and variable measurements depending on each piece 50 x 15 cm

- Colors: caramel, tobacco, black, chestnut

NOTE: Due to camera flash and other factors such as product manufacturing batches by the supplier, brightness of your monitor and settings on your mobile device, some products may show slight changes in color. We guarantee that the product characteristics (functions, weight, raw material and quantity) will not be changed.

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