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Tião Carreiro Country Buckle

Tião Carreiro Country Buckle




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Country Tião Carreiro buckle, plated in silver and gold, with a relief rectangular shape and sophisticated design. Used at Rodeo Parties and Peão Festivals, a beautiful buckle used on a leather belt, which brings beauty and sophistication. Buckle used by many Sertanejos University singers and in several country soap operas. Impress your friends with this accessory that completes your country fashion look.

As it is a handcrafted product, there may be color variations.

  • Size: S
  • Dimension: 8.5 x 7 cm
  • Format: Rectangular
  • Weight: 200 grams approx.
  • Strap: 4 cm
  • Finish: Nickel With Sandblasted Gold
  • Black background
  • Manufacture: Made from Zamac, Nickel and Gold Plating with Protection
  • Fixing: Fixed Pin
  • Modality: Various


BRAND: Sumetal 

NOTE: Due to camera flash and other factors such as product manufacturing batches by the supplier, brightness of your monitor and settings on your mobile device, some products may show slight changes in color. We guarantee that the product characteristics (functions, weight, raw material and quantity) will not be changed.

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