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Strut Women's Sneakers in Nude Sheepskin

Strut Women's Sneakers in Nude Sheepskin




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Produced from noble materials, and what draws the most attention is the threading throughout the shoe. It requires a lot of skill from our employees, as each strap is threaded and sewn manually . Another interesting detail is the elastic extender on top of the foot, which provides a much more suitable and comfortable fit. Inside the sneakers, your foot is in contact with the leather, an extremely silky and soft leather that will not hurt your foot under any circumstances. The leather also molds to the shape of the foot, without tightening or marking the skin of the feet, everything about it is designed to facilitate its use, improve its performance and take care of your health.


  • It has soles with non-slip soles and friezes
  • Leather is a silky material that does not hurt or pinch the foot
  • Use on any occasion
  • High durability provided by noble and high quality materials
  • Leather insole
  • Extender with elastic on the instep
  • Handcrafted with threads
  • Foot biomechanics design
  • Weight: 151 grams each foot


BRAND: Strut
MATERIAL: Sheep leather


NOTE: Due to camera flash and other factors such as product manufacturing batches by the supplier, brightness of your monitor and settings on your mobile device, some products may show slight changes in color. We guarantee that the product characteristics (functions, weight, raw material and quantity) will not be changed.

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